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Syed is still in jail for the murder of Hae Min Lee after the Maryland Court of Appeals denied him a new trial on March 8,just two days before the four-part documentary debuted. Naturally, spoilers abound. Doctors had just caught it at stage one of the disease, and she insists that nobody tell Adnan. The epilogue of the episode says that Syed declined the deal in Novemberbefore his mother told him about her cancer. But he refused to plead guilty. Does he regret not taking the plea now that Court of Appeals ruled against him?

Director Amy Berg repeatedly tried to get Wilds to appear in the documentary to no avail, but he finally gave a new statement to her in January No object like that was found at the crime scene.

First, Clinedinst was cleared by police because he had an alibi — working a shift at LensCrafters. Clinedinst said those injuries happened when he was doing work on his car, and detectives never questioned him in person about the case until three weeks after Lee went missing, so the speculation is that the wounds were healed or concealed by then.

Of course, no male DNA was found at the scene, and if either man was involved, how does Wilds fit into that narrative, especially given that other people claim he told them about the murder soon after it happened?

If true, it leads to the questions of who drove it there and why Wilds would lie about that. Already a subscriber?

‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’: Finale Reveals New DNA Test Results

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On Jan. The cause of death was strangulation. Syed pleaded not guilty and was convicted in of first-degree murder and kidnapping. He was sentenced to life in prison and has maintained his innocence ever since. Details are here. Lee and Syed came from conservative immigrant families — Lee Korean, Syed Pakistani — and felt compelled to keep their romance a secret.

Not long before Lee disappeared, she had broken up with Syed and begun dating a co-worker named Don. Part of what seems to have driven her and Syed apart was her frustration over not being able to bring their relationship into the open.

Lee and Syed were well liked at school.

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Syed played on the football team and was, by most accounts, a happy, charismatic young man who got excellent grades. Prosecutors relied heavily on a few main pieces of evidence, none of it physical. Later, Wilds said, Syed called him and asked to meet in a Best Buy parking lot. His testimony had changed on several important points over time.

She was never called to testify. Wilds gave two recorded police interviews and testimony in court. Inconsistencies on several major details have been pointed out among the three accounts. She was later disbarred by consentinafter a series of client complaints emerged. At the time of her disbarment, she told The Baltimore Sun she had been struggling with multiple sclerosis.

She died in The court has said that public pressure was not a factor in its decision. The judges cited ineffective legal counsel by Gutierrez for, among other things, failing to call McClain, the potential alibi witness. McClain stated in an affidavit that she had sent Syed two letters after his arrest, which Syed has said prompted him to ask Gutierrez to contact her. Gutierrez later told him she had, and that nothing had come of it. That entire statement was later discovered to be untrue.

Jay From "Serial" Gave An Interview That Might Actually Help Adnan Syed

We continue to believe justice was done when Mr. Syed was convicted of killing Hae. The Crime On Jan. What Has Happened Since?A Baltimore County jury in decided he did.

All the inconsistencies with Adnan Syed’s trial witness Jay Wilds from Best Buy to lividity

But they will do so armed with new facts. Whatever happens will arrive in a context very different from the one Syed faced less than a month ago, when the highest court in Maryland denied him a retrialoverturning the decisions of two lower courts.

Many samples were taken from Lee during the original investigation, including fingernail clippings and material from necklaces and clothing. No physical evidence against Syed was presented at his trial inso these findings could add heft to his innocence claim.

That means only that the killer, whether it was someone else or Syed, left no detectable trace among the areas sampled. According to the documents, one female DNA profile not matching Lee was found on a piece of rope found near the place where Lee was buried.

The DNA of investigating officers, who might accidentally have left some material behind, was eliminated. The defense requested that they be compared with prints in the database. Whoever left the prints has never been arrested and booked. Wilds led the police to the car about six weeks after Lee was killed.

jay wilds 2019

Numerous factors — including the freshness of the tire tracks, the freshness of the grass blades visible in the treads and the condition of the grass beneath the car — led Ervin to believe that the car may have been there for a week or less. The private investigators also spoke with Jan Gorniak, the chief medical examiner of Fulton County, Ga. Click here for a useful comparison of the various timelines Wilds gave to investigators. They are significant and many. Berg contacted Wilds, who declined to be interviewed for the series.

He did, however, provide statements. In them, he made several new claims.

The Best Buy location matches a map drawn by investigators based on cellphone geolocation records. This is new. Also new: Wilds told Berg that Syed asked him to procure 10 pounds of marijuana.

The police and prosecutors have consistently stood by their methods and conclusions.However during the police interview, Jay often seemed to be confused with the details of the story. As covered in Undisclosed, the interview audio reveals that at these points, there would be a knock or tap on the table and Jay would suddenly remember the details.

During the next two on-record interviews with police, Jay changed key details in his account of the day of the murder. He has never wavered on that point. With Adnan serving a life prison sentence, Jay was able to continue living a quiet life under the radar.

That was until Serial garnered worldwide attention and thrust the spotlight onto him — and the holes in his various versions of events. But rather than continue to maintain a wall of silence, Jay made the unprecedented move of sitting down for an interview with The Intercept. I remember the highway traffic to my right, and I remember standing there on the curb. Jay has not spoken publicly about the case since, although his ex-girlfriend was seen having a phone conversation with him in the last episode of The Case Against Adnan Syed.

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Today's Best Discounts.When the first season of the wildly popular podcast "Serial" debuted inmillions of listeners learned about the murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee. The podcast asked whether her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was convicted of her murder, may actually be innocent, which led to several key people involved in the case being re-examined.

They both graduated a year before Syed in The docu-series, however, gets Pusateri herself on camera to discuss her relationship with Wilds. These connections led to police tracking down Pusateri for questioning.

But on Feb. Perhaps most crucially, however, Pusateri told the cops that Wilds called her that day and told her to come get him at Best Buy. But that belief seems to have been shaken in the years since, considering what Pusateri says on camera in the docu-series.

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jay wilds 2019

S1 - E9. S1 - E Adnan Syed. Crime TV.Before becoming the subject of the podcast, Serial, Adnan Syed was convicted of kidnapping and murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in During that trial, there was a key witness whose testimony played a heavy hand in convicting Syed.

But now that an appeals court has ruled that Syed will get a new trial, it leaves people following the case wondering, where is Jay Wilds? He might be needed back in court soon.

Everything We Know About Jay Wilds From HBO's Serial Documentary

Wilds, a former classmate of Syed, has been relatively under the radar since the trial that sentenced Syed to life in prison plus 30 years on charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Wilds was the star witness for the prosecution, and claimed in court that he helped Syed dispose of Lee's body. Without his testimony, there might not have been a trial at all.

On Serial, host Sarah Koenig honed in on inconsistencies in Wilds' interviews with investigators and his trial testimony. For instance, in Wilds' first interview with the police, he claimed that on the day in question Syed picked him up from his house and they went to Westview Mall.

In Wilds' second interview, though, he said they went to Security Square Mall. Koenig tried to speak with Wilds on Serial, but he declined to appear on the podcast. However, Koening did manage to track him down and get him to speak off the record, according to Rolling Stone. After the success of Serial, however, Wilds gave a single interview to The Intercept in to say that he thought he had been treated unfairly by the podcast. According to Wilds, his history as a drug dealer affected his first interview with the police and might have contributed to some of the inconsistencies.

Wilds claimed that he wasn't willing to cooperate with to the police because of his history with drugs and fear that it would be used against him. Wilds also claimed that Syed blackmailed him into disposing of Lee's body by threatening to turn him in to the police.

He told The Intercept. CNN pointed out that there were inconsistencies between the Intercept interview and the original testimonies. Wilds told The Intercept that he first saw Lee's body outside his grandmother's house, when he claims Syed arrived with it in the trunk.

However, Wilds originally told police that he saw Lee's body in the parking lot of a Best Buy near the high school they all went to. On March 29 the Special Court of Appeals in Maryland ruled that Syed was deserving of another trial because his legal team during the trial that convicted him was ineffective and failed to properly defend him.

Syed's original defense failed to contact Syed's former classmate Asia McClainwho claimed she had spoken to Syed at the local library at the time of Lee's killing, thus providing a potential alibi. McClain's testimony was never brought forth in court.

The ruling states. A court date has not been set yet. We have not heard anything from Wilds since that interview, but now with Syed's new trial pending, maybe we will hear from him again — real soon.

By Daniella Bondar. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.This fell on my heart just now: I want to put a prayer up for JayWilds. I feel like he has the power to end this.

My prayer is that he finds a way to express whatever else he knows and that he not be lead stray by any form of intimidation in order to do so. According to Susan Simpsonanother lawyer working on the Undisclosed podcast, the official recorded interviews between Wilds and the police reveal some strange auditory clues to why the police would lie about the date they began questioning Wilds.

At times he even apologizes, as though he were trained to say something specifically and had forgotten. The taps on the recording, some have decided, may have been the sound of someone writing pen to paper very quickly on a hard surface, or just a little physical cue that Wilds needed to come up with the right answer fast. No one is quite sure what they are, but the timing of the taps on the recording seems suspicious.

Then there is of the glaring lie that the state's witness Jay told the police everything they needed to know the 1st time they met. In fact he had a meeting with them for weeks. Yes the serial team had these documents and did not report this.

Wilds was also an adult who sold marijuana to high school kidswhich made him vulnerable. Don's manager had confirmed to the cops he was at work that day. But his manager was his mom. In one police interview, Wilds said he saw the body, it was in a car in the parking lot of a Best Buy. In another interview, he said the body was on Edmondson Avenue, while a detective testified in court that Wilds told him the body was on Franklintown Road.

He did, after all, give multiple conflicting locations for where the murder took place and where the body was found. Their accounts depart when Wilds says Syed showed him the body in the trunk of the car, and then Syed enlisted Wilds to bury Lee. One big theory being floated around is that Wilds was the anonymous tipster who called Detective Massey and told police to focus on the ex-boyfriend.

Supposed evidence of this relates to how the reward money was paid out. What the Undisclosed pod offers up for an explanation is that because Wilds himself came under investigation, he could not recover the money. In September, a legal team formed to represent Wilds and also quickly worked out a plea deal to testify against Syed. The teacher, Mr.

Undisclosed proffers that Wilds was going to use the reward money to purchase the motorcycle, but Brown says he sold it to someone else. My theory: Jay wanted Brown's motorbike. So the deal didn't happen FreeAdnan.

Serial: Even Hollywood is Obsessed with Adnan and Jay

This is a moot point now, as Syed was granted a new trial in Another very important open lead is the crimestoppers reward.

The state lied. They did not tell the defense that someone got an actual cash reward that was handed to them by a detective on the case. Jay all but admitted to BobRuffTruth that he got the reward. From the statements Wilds made in with The Interceptit seems unlikely he would do so.