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MGW has a proven track record to expertly service your firearm. Have a workhorse HK firearm? We also provide servicing to law enforcement officers and can repair and service the whole departments' firearms. MGW gunsmiths are well versed in current and proper smithing techniques to bring your Heckler and Koch rifle or pistol back to top operation condition.

With many years of quality firearm repair experience under their belts, our gunsmiths will get you back out to the range or field with a proper functioning firearm.

The HK gunsmithing services extend to trigger work, milling, match grade performance upgrades, aesthetic features, and many comfort improvements for a more reliable and enjoyable shooting experience. Broken Part? Lost spring?

Gunsmith - Part 3

General Repair is billed at hourly rate plus part costs. A customized trigger system allows for less creep, a more defined trigger squeeze and a lighter trigger pull.

All of which will increase accuracy and ease of use. This is a must have for serious shooters, or for newer shooters looking to up their game. MGW offers a wide variety of services related to rifle machining. Barrel threading for suppressors or muzzle breaks, Drilling and tapping for a rail or scope base, or turning down a barrel blank.

MGW's full service machine shop is capable of many rifle gunsmithing projects. All rifle machine work is billed per hour. For work of this nature it is best to give us a call or email with more details about the project you have and we would be happy to assist. Pistol Barrels can be crowned to many different degrees including a 90 step.

Crowning can greatly improve accuracy by insuring that the muzzle is free from any imperfections and allowing exciting gas pressure to be delivered uniformly and evenly across the muzzle face.

HK Firearms

Rifles: Barrel Crowning might be one of the best things one can do to improve accuracy. A perfectly crowned rifle barrel diverts gases in an even manor and leaves a clean surface for the bullet to exit from. Typical target Crown at 11 Degree or Hunting at 45 Degree. Regulating Gas Systems on semi auto rifles can be tricky business. With so many ammunition options, standard or suppressed, piston or gas. MGW can regulate and help semi auto rifles with cycling issues.

Midwest Gun works is proud to offer Cerakote in a wide variety of finish colors to suit your every need. Options include, but are not limited to, changing the color of your firearm, adding a camouflage pattern to a firearm, or even having accessories done to match. Cerakote is the industry leader in ceramic based finishes. Cerakote is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood.The company's motto is " Keine Kompromisse!

All HK firearms are named by a prefix and the official designation, with suffixes used for variants. HK has a history of innovation in firearms, such as the use of polymers in weapon designs and the use of an integral rail for flashlights on handguns. HK also developed modern polygonal riflingnoted for its high accuracy, increased muzzle velocity and barrel life. In its extensive product range, HK has used the following operating systems for small arms: blowback operationshort-recoilroller-delayed blowbackgas-delayed blowbackand gas operation via Short-stroke piston.

hk gunsmith

All factory records were destroyed on orders of the local French Army commander. Initially the new company manufactured machine tools, bicycle and sewing machine parts, gauges and other precision parts.

Since then HK has designed and manufactured more than different types of firearms and devices for the world's military and law enforcement organizations as well as sports shooters and hunters. The company also produced prototypes of the HK G41 military rifle intended for the Bundeswehr. Due to the international political climate at the time East and West Germany uniting and defense budget cuts the company was unable to secure funded contracts from the German government to support production of either weapon system and became financially vulnerable.

The P8 was adopted as the standard handgun for the Bundeswehr in and the G36 in The OICW was designed to fire 5. There is no indication that the rifle will be adopted by the United States Armed Forces other than in the Marine Corps as the IAR or M27, but the elite Delta Force and other United States special operations units have fielded the HK in combat, [20] and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has called for "free and open competition" to determine whether the army should buy the HK or continue to purchase more M4 carbines.

Coburn had threatened to stop Geren's Senate confirmation if he did not agree to the test. HK sells its pistols in the United States to both law enforcement and civilian markets. The company has locations in VirginiaNew Hampshireand Georgia. According to the newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten 31 Augustas well as the state broadcaster ARD, a large stockpile of G36 assault rifles fell into rebel hands during the August attack on Muammar Gaddafi 's compound in Tripoli.

It is unclear how many were exported to Libya and by whom. According to media reports, 7. At least six teaching students were murdered by cartelmen and corrupt local police, and 43 others are missing and presumed dead. Other than the six identified persons, no other bodies have been found, and are believed to be have been incinerated. After 10 months of trial, on February 21,the court convicted them of illegally selling arms to Mexican governmental institutions which failed to acknowledge their due observance of human rights.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oberndorf am Neckar. Operating income. Net income. Companies portal. Retrieved DBI Books.

Iola, Wisconsin: Gun Digest Books.They are also a major firearms supplier to numerous NATO countries. The company strives to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers while holding onto a steadfast commitment to excellence through leadership in technology, research and development, and responsible marketing. Browse our selection of new and used HK handguns for sale. Find great deals on new and used HK rifles for sale at Guns. Choose from models with superior ergonomics, innovative features, and well-thought-out designs, including the popular MRA1, MRA1, and others.

Find the most popular HK firearms, including models that are both in and out of current production. The U. The German-based Sig Sauer branch is reportedly on the ropes due to a variety of reasons and is set to close by the end of the year. Shop Guns. Choose from semi-automatic rifles and semi-auto handguns, all available in a variety of calibers, with numerous features, options, and applications. The Guns. No More German Sigs? Your browser does not support the video tag.You will be emailed a copy of this form within 24 hours, please print the form and include a copy inside the package with your pistol when you ship.

If you are shipping more than one firearm, please refresh screen and submit a new form for each. All rights reserved. Deep cleaning and inspection of all parts, springs, and components. Gauging of safety and sear engagement values. Live fire range testing. Provide comprehensive report to customer.

Includes the installation of any customer provided LEM conversion kits, or any other factory or aftermarket drop-in parts installs. Full smoothing, tuning, and refitting of internal action components. Full feed and reliability work. Maintains all factory safety values.

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Includes range testing, sight regulation and zero Your choice of factory weight springs, or reduced power springs to achieve either 5. This service yields a superiorly smooth and clean feel to all motions of the trigger, and maintains factory specs for reset length and over-travel.

This is NOT a reduced reset package. Essential service for those who don't wish to change factory values due to department policy or personal preference, but still want a smooth and refined feel to their pistol for best possible operator interface. Provides a significant reduction in reset travel. Eliminates excessive over-travel. This service yields a superiorly smooth and clean feel to all motions of the trigger, and is an e ssential service for those who desire the best possible operator interface, with the highest quality action services.

This action service easily transitions from carry, duty, to range and competition use. Includes range testing, sight regulation and zero Click HERE to see nickel refinishing of internal action components available as a separate service.

Includes HK Sight Installation. Includes range testing, sight regulation and zero This service yields a superiorly smooth and clean feel to all motions of the trigger, and maintains factory specs for reset length and over-travel.

Check here to receive email updates. No, I do not want nickel. I want nickel only on non-visible internal parts. I am shipping new sights to be installed on my firearm. I do not want any sights installed. Thank you for contacting us! If needed, you will hear back within hours.


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This feels particularly true when you're supposed to survive, clinging to this world with your teeth. I need an MP5. With round extended mag, silencer, tactical flashlight and sighting range of more than Ergonomics above 62, recoil sum less than Maximum weight of 3. And decide for yourself what is more important to you, the journey or the destination. X Products X-5 MP5 round 9x19 magazine.Stay Connected:. Phone Orders Browse by Category. More Details Buy.

Please wait. Sign Up For Newsletter. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories.

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We are proud to offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production U. RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service. We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. Contact Us Quick View.

AK47 7. AK74 5. AK 5. Barrel Components.

hk gunsmith

Bolt and Recoil Assembly. Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle. Gas System. Receiver and Build Parts.Jul Here's another beautiful but unreliable X-Series paperweight, in for our internal extractor upgrade service. Between this common FTE-FTF issue, kludgy manual safety design and lockup problems caused by the L-1 trigger's overtravel stop function, I will welcome a reasonable and better-engineered US evolution.

Can anyone guess what brucegrayggi is doing here? First person to guess correctly gets a patch! Jul 4. Jul 2. New products and restocks live on the website!

hk gunsmith

Are you ready? Jun Here I have my flattest and fastest shooting handgun. One badass pair of sigsauerinc blasters we helped put together! Thank you austinweiss for letting us help you out with these. Bruce Gray shoot p with Mirzon grip. The original art deco styling, provides a definite ergonomic functionality which cannot be fully appreciated until you shoot it. So, what was your gunsmith building 34 years ago? Coming soon!

hk gunsmith

The P line is getting a new addition. Watch out for them to be up on the website soon! Grayguns laser stipple grips are live on the website! Limited quantities available! Total weight 2lbs What do we have here? Why not do another giveaway? Our new shirts and patches came in! Like and comment!