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No problem! With our in house engineering services, we can provide you with a custom foundation and helical pier design prepared by licensed Professional Engineers. The foundation and helical pier design will be customized to the architectural floor plan and Geotechnical Investigation Report you provide to use giving us the necessary information needed to complete our analysis and design. We work with a variety of Engineers and Architects daily that can assist with any of these needs beyond our in house capacity!

Our in house design team includes a multitude of experience expanding over 65 years! Our team has completed a countless number of custom designs ranging from lightly loaded structures up to heavy commercial facilities. Our team can quickly review your project specifications and provide you with a customized quote specific to your project ranging from custom options you select, up to a full turnkey solution. Need it done now? No problem. Our installation team is comprised of trained professionals that have driven piles safely, quickly, and consistently over the past 65 years!

The installation procedure for helical piers is drastically more flexible than many common deep foundation options utilized today. There are several complications that commonly arise for many of the deep foundation options used today.

These include issues such as groundwater or soils sloughing into drilled shafts. Additionally, the installation can be completed in significantly less time required by other options such as drilled piers which require about a week after installation for concrete curing prior to placing structures.

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With screw piles, you can place equipment and structures on them the same day they are installed.A Techno Metal Post helical pier or helical pile is a giant metal screw that is installed in the ground by a certified technician until the exact bearing capacity for your structure is reached. They are screwed into the ground using proprietary machinery specifically designed by our engineers to provide you with an accurate measurement which is tested and validated right on site, ensuring the foundation of your structure is solid and secure.

Our posts are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards to ensure they withstand the toughest loads and conditions possible. Worried about frost-heaving? We have solved that problem with a heavy-duty polyethylene sleeve that has been specially designed to encase the post and prevent it from being affected by ground movement.

Our helical piers are perfect for all kind of applications; DecksCottagesBoardwalksBuildingsand many more.

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Michel Beaudoin. What are they? Why use them? No excavation No concrete Ready to build Removable. Resistant to frost heave Minimal environmental impact Minimal site disturbance — no vibration Minimal installation time — cost-effective. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe.

helical piers near me

Subscribe to be informed on all our latest news. Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, dxf, dwg, zip. New Dealer in Poland Techno Metal Post is very pleased to announce our unique, highly effective helical pile foundation system is now available Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Our newsletter informs you of our installers and technological advances of Techno Metal Post.Helical piers are an innovative way to permanently stabilize a settling foundation. The round shaft piers are driven into the ground to specific torque settings, which enables them to have a high load capacity immediately after installation.

If the helical pier is being installed on an existing structure that has settled, it can then be lifted to the appropriate elevation.

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Square shaft helical piers are designed to hold tension loads, which can be used to hold retaining walls and foundation walls in place. Once the helical pier has been driven to the appropriate depth, a repair bracket specifically designed to draw the pier into the foundation is installed.

helical piers near me

Hughes Construction Company installs a variety of foundation repairs and structural repairs that are designed by licensed engineers. Helical Piers Videos. Recent Helical Pier Projects. Deck Helical Piers, Cleves Ohio. Foundation Cracks What's the next step?

Piers- Helical Piers for Foundation Repair. Unstable soil have you settling for a change in construction plans?

Foundation Cracks, should I be concerned? Like what you see? Back to Top.Helical piers are a great choice to provide a deep foundation system for new construction and can provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete piers. With a detailed geotechnical report, helical piers can be designed to provide the support you need to keep your new structure from settling. Helical piers are very beneficial when it comes to choosing the correct piers for your new foundation.

They can be installed in any season and installed quickly. Helical piers come in many different sizes and configurations, so a detailed soils report is used to engineer the piers in accordance with the load requirements set forth by the engineer.

The helical pier is spun into the earth much like a giant screw, using a helical drive motor attached to a skid steer or a mini excavator. Immediately after the helical piers are installed the prep work for the new foundation can be started. The helical piers are completed using a steel top plate that is poured into the new foundation.

After the concrete is poured, your new foundation will now be supported on the new construction helical piers. At Bay Area Underpinning, we take pride in providing a cost-effective solution in the design build of your foundation underpinning project. Give us a call for great service at a fair price. Installation of Helical Piers. Benefits of Helical Piers.Helical piles are used to repair and stabilize failing foundations or for the construction of new foundations in soils that cannot support traditional foundations.

They are hydraulically screwed into competent load-bearing soils. The helical flights are geometrically spaced along the shaft to provide minimal disruption of the soils as they are installed. A foundation bracket is then connected to support the failing foundation or specified terminations are connected to the installed shaft to support new foundations. The Round Shaft lead sections utilize 1, 2 or 3 helix flights which are 8", 10", 12" and 14" in diameter.

Square Shafts are 1. Square Shaft lead sections utilize 1, 2 or 3 helix flights which are 8", 10", 12" and 14" in diameter.

Whether you're a business owner looking to become a certified dealer or just want to be an informed consumer before these products are installed in your home, we've got you covered.

We only use top quality materials for our products and have a wide range available to you. If you're ready to get started, browse our products available or give us a call today for more information! Foundation Repair Main Page.

How Are Helical Piles Installed? Square Shaft Square Shafts are 1. New Construction Bracket. Standard Bracket. Heavy Duty Bracket. Flat Bracket. WalkWay Support Bracket. Post Bracket. Angle Bracket 0.All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the Helical Pile Installation Contractor section of our site.

We hope you find this format to be both helpful and easy to use for finding experienced helical pile installers for your projects. The contractors listed in this section recognize the value for their company to gain important exposure to owners, engineers and general contractors who need piles installed on a project. HPW is constantly talking with people in the industry and searching the Internet to locate experienced helical pile installation contractors.

We invite our readers to help us with our mission by sending us information about installation contractors around the globe - info helicalpileworld. If you happen to be an experienced installer that wishes to be listed on our site, this link is present on all pages for quick access to the registration form. Please review our comprehensive lists of helical pile installation contractors by clicking on the following links or the flags at the top of the page. Helical Pile Installation Contractors.

Canadian Helical Pile Installation Contractors. Singapore Helical Pile Installation Contractors. Installers interested in becoming listed in our Helical Pile Installation Contractor Linked Logo Listing page should click here to learn more.Strong and stable.

Our pier system will permanently solve your foundation settlement problem. If your home shows signs of foundation settlement of any kind, Complete Basement Systems can help.

We have a variety of warrantied foundation repair products that solve all types of settlement issues, including slab piers, push piers, and helical piers. Each of our foundation pier systems is custom-designed and installed. Looking to get started on foundation repairs? Click below to learn more about how we can help you with foundation pier installation. We offer free estimates in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and throughout the nearby areas. Complete Basement Systems has access to the highest quality foundation products available.

Our foundation piers have been engineered for minimal disturbance to your home and a fast, effective installation. Our foundation push piers are installed by one of our in-house crews of foundation professionals, who are fully trained. Each of our foundation pier systems is available in both black steel and galvanized steel, which allows for long-term strength and corrosion resistance. All of our pier systems are installed year-round with a lifetime warranty, as well as our own performance and installation warranty.

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This Littleton homeowner realized he needed help with the foundation underneath his garage. Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems expert Adam Garcia installed 4 helical piers underneath the foundation and you can't even tell! If your foundation needs help, don't wait until the problem worsens, call Rod Martin's Complete Basement Systems today!

A helical pier owes its name to the helical plates welded to the pier shaft. These plates help to pull the pier into the soil during installation and provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation or structural element is transferred to the pier. Additional sections can be added to the pier until it reaches the necessary depth. Helical piers have a great deal of versatility for stabilizing and restoring foundations and masonry elements.

These rugged steel push piers feature a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critical tension point below the bracket. Push piers are installed next to the footings and attached with a heavy duty steel bracket. Soil is backfilled around the piers once stabilization and lifting is complete to finish the installation. This is the best foundation repair option available when soil conditions are unknown, providing a permanent solution for your settlement issues.

Slab piers are push piers designed specifically to stabilize and in some cases raise slabs that have settled. This type of pier is driven into the soil in the settlement area, deep enough to connect the slab to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock. The helical blades anchor to the soil as the pier is essentially screwed into the ground. Grout is pumped in to fill the void created under the slab, and then concrete is poured over the holes created for installation.

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