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filming with sony a7iii

The focusing and zoom rings are reversed, which might take some adjusting. It takes the ring anywhere from four turns to three-quarters of a turn to go from its minimum focusing distance to infinity based on the speed of rotation. A rapid extra stepping drive powers the lens. It is silent and responsive, so you can shoot videos and not worry about autofocus sounds ruining your scene.

The lens has a dedicated AT tracking chip that keeps it glued to moving subjects for photos and videos alike. Images are crystal-clear across all focal lengths and retain impressive edge sharpness as well. On the opposite end, 75mm is ideal for portraits and astronomy photos. This improves its build quality as there are fewer moving parts.

Its fixed focal length of 85mm allows it to be squat and have fewer moving elements than zoom lenses. The body is made from aluminum and has a nicely knurled focus ring. Sony uses focus-by-wire, so turning the ring will engage a silent motor to adjust the focus rather than mechanically rotate internal parts.

Sharpness at this aperture is understandably not the best. There are no lens flares, but it experiences a drop-off in sharpness and considerable hazing. Vignetting is also a problem at high f numbers. You can get rid of most lighting discrepancies when editing, but the effect will still be noticeable.

View on BH. Its body is made from a mix of polycarbonate and metal. The weather sealing is superb as the lens is resistant to water and dust. The lens has responsive zoom and focus rings with rubberized knurling for better grip. Getting a subject into focus is swift and noiseless, with minimal hunting even in low light. This lens excels at landscape and city photography but can hold its own for portraits and quasi-macro shots too.

The latter two offer a refreshing take as the subject is framed surrounded by much background. The lens handles chromatic aberration well. This is manifested as barrel distortion at 14mm and a slight pincushion effect at 24mm. The lens has a focal length that accommodates portraiture under the right circumstances.

Its 1.

How to Setup Your Camera for Video — Sony A7III Tutorial

The lens is resistant to dust and moisture and has a fixed length. There are physical controls for image stabilization and three levels of focus limiting. This is one of the leading E mount lenses in any category when it comes to sharpness. Subjects are tack sharp no matter the focusing distance, and the resolution decrease towards the edges is tolerable. Discoloration is visible only in cases with pronounced contrasts between light and dark. Everything smaller than that leads to smooth concentric circles and pleasingly blurry backgrounds.

You can even snap subjects from a distance with a blurred landscape serving as the backdrop to get unusual yet welcome results. It might dwarf your a7III, but looking funny is a small price to pay for the stunning photos you can get with this lens.For many new purchasers of the Sony A7iii, this may be their first Sony camera or their first full frame camera.

The Sony A7iii is a powerhouse but to unlock its full power you need to be able to get into the settings. Eye-AF is one of the most powerful features you will find in the Sony A7iii and it is one of the advantages Sony has over Nikon and Canon. Learn about Eye-AF and how to set it up here. One major negative of Sony cameras, the menu system is awful. You may become frustrated looking for various features. The good news is that the camera is extremely customizable.

After spending a bit of time customizing it to your needs, it becomes a much more efficient tool. My discussion of back button AF and my custom button settings can be found here.

I shoot often with off-camera flash. I end up turning off the flash, in order to best judge the exposure, set it manually, and then turn back on the flash. With the flash or trigger on, you just get a bright viewfinder, no ability to judge the ambient exposure.

Photographer Robert Hall found a great workaround, explained in this video. When using a flash or trigger for off-camera flash, I try to have the background just a bit darker than my subject. So I can use this setting to judge my background and ambient light, knowing my flash will properly illuminate my subject. Why do I use the AEL button? I had been using the button for APS-C mode, essentially automatically giving me a 1.

But the placement of the button led to it getting pushed accidentally at times. Learn about it here. And fine tune your white balance settings here, with priority WB.

For years, Sony cameras have had a FN menu allowing for quick access to certain functions. What you include in the FN menu will largely depend on whether you are primarily shooting video or stills. For example, I usually shoot in compressed RAW to reduce file size. There is very little difference in quality between compression and uncompressed RAW while there is a big file size difference. Still, there are times especially night landscapes, star scapes, etcwhere RAW compression can reduce the quality of the image file.

While these are my custom settings, you should set up your settings based on your own needs. If you utilize video extensively, you will probably have very different needs than me. Download the Sony Play Memories App on your phone and go through the set up on your camera. This will allow for easy downloading of jpeg files to your phone and also allow for a bluetooth connection that can import GPS data into your files. The capability of the Sony A7iii touch screen is somewhat limited.

When turned on, it can be set as a touch screen, touch pad, or both.I was wondering if we all Sony users could start an massive firmware update request to Sony to implement unlimited recording for video on the A7iii and the A7r3 since the European legislation that forced the is gone and the A already have it unlocked.

I honestly think it is very annoying that The high end models don't have it unlock already. I was expecting it as an firmware update after the legislation expiration but What you guys think? When the EU does it to protect big studios, it's ok.

filming with sony a7iii

When the U. Resurrecting my post before I try to build a signature collection that no one will care sadly Don't forget to patent the idea before sending it as a feature request - otherwise they won't read it. It's long time I didn't shoot a 4K video so i am not sure for this format, but I know that p has no time recording limitation as I have recorded a video of more than 50 minutes without any problem.

So I'd suggest you to try for yourself, but I'm pretty sure you won't be stopped recording after 30 minutes. Pretty sure another firm Pany just removed the recording limit from one of their cams with a firmware update.

Sony should do this, it's a hugely irritating restraint. Just because I love my Sony gear, I try to stay critical about simple stuff that Sony can do on software and I honestly think they should to improve their users life. A good example is the timelapse feature that took forever for them to just add it to a simple firmware update.

I am hugely supportive of lifting the 30 minute limit. In fact, when I was buying the camera, I had predicted that by the time I needed to shoot videos longer than 30 minutes which is starting this Augustthe restriction would have been lifted by a firmware update. Unfortunately it has not happened. I have had several times when I had to use an older Panasonic camera to record a show because I didn't want to deal with restarting the video capture on the Sony.

If they do not lift this limit, I plan to sell my A7iii and buy a GH6 when it comes out. Please Sony, let us record more than 30 minute with a firmware update to your recent high-end cameras. It is said that there is a limitation of 30 minutes recording in video mode but I think that it applies only for 4K recording And even this I'm far from sure as I never recorded so long in 4k.

However I had recorded in p for more than 50 minutes at once on A99m2 so I guess it's the same on A7Rm3, A7m3 and so on. Concerning Panasonic if you sell your A7m3 you aim at Pany S1 line which is time limitation unlocked in video 4K.

I'm talking about the limit everyone in this thread is referring to.

Setting up Sony A7iii

Any video recording regardless of resolution on the A7iii and many Sony cameras stop at 30 minutes.The technology of the cameras was so different and you had to switch rolls of film so often. What really would be difficult for me is manually focusing every shot. I have to manually focus when I do video, and it can really be a struggle. Over the years, autofocus has gotten better and better. Recently, Sony has made some big leaps in the autofocus world with the Sony A9 and now the Sony A7iii.

Sony has several autofocus settings to choose from, so it can be kind of confusing on what each does and when to use each mode. Before we get into all the Sony autofocus settings, I want to warn you that there some things that can cause problems.

The first thing to consider is your Sony camera. Not all cameras are created equal. Some cameras will be missing some of these features and modes and some just work better than others. Second, not all lenses are created equal. I now own the Sony 50mm 1. The Sony is pretty horrible with focusing, the Rokinon is good, and the Zeiss is the best. Sony 50mm 1. Rokinon 50mm 1. On KEH Camera, you can find lighly used camera equipment at excellent prices!

They also have really good financing options for the expensive stuff! The first choice to make is how the camera is going to focus. This option can be a little hard to find. When you start to turn the focus, the focus assist automatically kicks in, making the image zoom in so you can make sure you are in focus. Direct Manual Focus is an interesting focus mode. I could see this being useful for product photography or landscapes, but if you have that kind of time to adjust things, you could always just do it all manually from the beginning.

So this mode kind of solves the issue I mentioned earlier about the camera not allowing you to manually focus while in another mode. Still, you have to have the autofocus lock in first before you manually focus. Single-shot mode is exactly what it sounds like, a single shot. Once your camera has locked down its focus, it will not change until you reactivate the focus again. The problem with Single-shot mode is that often things move, like the camera or the subject. If you or your subject moves a few inches forward or backward after the focus is locked, your focus might be off.

This is a real issue with subjects moving straight at you. Continuous AF is what most people will use because it tries to keep things in focus continuously. After locking in the focus, if you continue to activate the autofocus, the camera will keep trying to focus.

This means that if the subject does move a little or you do, the camera should adjust. Sometimes Continuous AF will jump off the subject because it is constantly trying to stay focused.

If you find this happening, you could use the Focus Hold button once you are in focus mine is set to the AEL button. The Sony 50mm F1.Tell better Instagram stories. Have an article exactly meant for this. I ended up switching back so now I have no access to Instagram insights at all.

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Understanding Sony’s Autofocus Settings

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filming with sony a7iii

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6 Best Lenses for Sony a7III in 2020

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filming with sony a7iii

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